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The Torch: A Symbol of Friendship? | | Featured Image The New York World’s Fair of 1939- such a marvel stood as a symbol of friendship, peace, and unity across the globe. Despite being a period of war and unrest, the 1939 New York World’s Fair was able to bring people together with grand exhibits and expressions of friendship depicting a future filled with peace and harmony. One such expression of comradery came from something called the Torch of Friendship and the related Japanese pavilion. Though the torch seems to represent peace at a glance, it does not appear to be as deep a… Read More »The Torch: A Symbol of Friendship?

    Soviet Union Statue at the 1939 World’s Fair Presence of the Soviet Union Statue in the Fair Introduction I chose to read more about the statue that represented the Soviet Union in the World’s Fair. I believe that this piece is significant enough to share due to the time period that this statue was erected. This statue stood at around 79 feet, and the column beneath him stood at around 188 feet. The statue was supposed to display the hard working people of the Soviet Union . The statue also held the Soviet Union’s symbol of communism, the red star. It was illuminated during the evening… Read More »Soviet Union Statue at the 1939 World’s Fair

      HIST 3523 Blog Post #3

        Front of the Chrysler Motors Exhibit Building. PHOTO: WikiCommons In 1939, many people dreamed of flying cars, electric cars, and autopilot cars. Well, what about a talking car? Even though this fair took place decades before the famous animated Disney movie came out, a talking car existed. In fact, this talking car was on display at the New York World’s Fair. The Chrysler Exhibit was a part of the Transportation Zone of the fair. The talking car was a part of the Chrysler Exhibit in the Chrysler Motors Exhibit Building. I found this attraction while searching through the general “New… Read More »HIST 3523 Blog Post #3

        1939 World’s Fair Government Zones

          “Building the World of Tomorrow” in a Time of Uncertainty , , Upon clicking the first link, the viewer will be brought to the 1939 New York World’s Fair’s official map of the Government Zone accompanied with detailed information and a reflective article. Underneath the map there is a brief explanation and breakdown of the three sections found within the Government Zones. The sections consisted of (1) stand-alone pavilions for individual countries, (2) the Hall of Nations containing separate exhibit halls with specific informational displays of each country, and (3) the Court of States which are exhibit halls for the… Read More »

          New York World’s Fair 1940

            For as long as our country can remember, African Americans have been mistreated continuously. In 1939, the World’s Fair broke their promises of treating African Americans fairly and recognizing their culture. There were protests following the fair’s grand opening to object the discrimination to African Americans. After the protests, there were 700 African Americans hired and there was some demonstration of their culture in the exhibits. The fair organizers denied that there was any mistreatment towards the African American people. However, there were only a small number of African Americans hired to work for the fair, mostly as entertainers. Walter… Read More »New York World’s Fair 1940

            A Futuristic Time Capsule?

              They are many outstanding attractions that caught my eye when researching the 1939 World’s fair but interestingly enough I will be discussing the time capsule buried at the New York World’s fair. When you think of time capsules that you would do with friends or at school you might think of a small box with some significant items from that year That really made an impact on the culture. This time capsule was just as unique as the rest of the fair by upgrading from an average box time capsule to just your everyday 800-pound tube called the Cupaloy. The… Read More »A Futuristic Time Capsule?

              Exploring the World Fair

                Link:  City Reliquary gives an idea of the vision as well as some ideals the New York World Fair  embodies. As a project that emerged from a global depression which left millions of people unemployed something also between the Great Depression, the page makes some brief introduction to the background, people and ideas involved as well as the important steps which brought out the project. As you click on, the pages give some general ideas and facts that help understand the world fair. It also does a good job summarizing some of the motivations behind the project, and  some of its characteristics… Read More »Exploring the World Fair

                Elektro World’s Fair of 1939/1940

                  When first researching the World’s Fair of 1939/1940, most of the results that pop up are websites advertising collectibles for sale from the fair and an article about a bombing that occurred in 1940. There were also a few websites that show visitors the various exhibits the fair used to have. An exhibit from the World’s Fair of 1939 that stood out to me is the Elektro exhibit. The Elektro exhibit was built in 1937 and stood at a whopping 7 feet tall. Elektro was a fun robot exhibit, he contained a 700 word vocabulary and was also built with… Read More »Elektro World’s Fair of 1939/1940

                  Post 3: Television and the 1939 World’s Fair

                    The New York World Fairs of 1938 and 1939 were highly influential events that had over 44 million people attending over the course of its running. Being promoted and thought up in the height of the depression, it was uplifting to consider the future and what the future could hold. Around that time in history, there was a lot of tension all around the world due to the actions taken during WWII. WWII had started four months into the start of the fair and many things had already occurred. Germany annexed Austria in March of 1938 and the war did… Read More »Post 3: Television and the 1939 World’s Fair

                    Week 3- New York World’s Fair: Ford, Sparking Consumer to Customer Relations

                      Links (In the Theme Center block) which leads to this -> As you click through each link, you will learn a little more about Ford and the transportation area. One big stand out was the thought process of efficiency and upgrading American standard of life by making transportation easier and faster. In the #2 links you will find pictures of the exhibits and items around it, as well as a thought piece of the transportation building. There seemed to be a huge emphasis on letting the consumer see that Ford was “human ran” with machine help… Read More »Week 3- New York World’s Fair: Ford, Sparking Consumer to Customer Relations

                      Fate and Human Transience

                        Today’s post will focus on Paul Manship’s elegant sundial “Time & Fates of Man,” which graced the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Manship’s “Time & Fates of Man” (photograph courtesy of William Keys Smith) Time and again, the Ancient Greeks appear at vital inflection points in the progression (or regression) of Western ideology (Italian Renaissance artwork and Western European Enlightenment texts immediately spring to mind). Their interwoven structures of logic, political theory, and nature-based polytheism strike chords with the human spirit and are still held by many as universal truths. Manship uses modern craftsmanship to tell a poignant tale. Unmistakable… Read More »Fate and Human Transience

                        The 1939 New York World’s Fair

                          The New York World’s Fair was a spectacle to say the least. To be honest, I had little to no information on the Fair before we discussed it in class. The idea of a World’s Fair seemed relatively mundane to me, as I have grown up with places like Disney World’s Epcot being prevalent. In addition to this, the connection of the modern world due to technology has made the “mystery” of other cultures lose its luster. What intrigues me the most about World Fairs is the idea of what pursuing what things could be, rather than what they actually… Read More »The 1939 New York World’s Fair

                          The Future of Technology – World’s Fair 1939

                            The World’s Fair in 1939 brought some very innovative new ideas that, whether it be the city of the future, electric waffle makers, or automatic washing machines, stuff that we see very commonly now. However, there is an attraction that we don’t quite have just yet, or at least on this scale, but his name is Elektro, a walking, talking, and smoking robot of the future. Currently, we have small toy robots in stores that consumers may purchase for their entertainment, but these are just small handheld toys, Elektro was a full human-sized robot capable to communicate with others and… Read More »The Future of Technology – World’s Fair 1939

                            The Voder

                              The 1938 New York World’s Fair housed many different interesting inventions with a variety of applications, among them was the Voder.  The Voder was invented in Bell Labs and was first unveiled at the 1938 World’s Fair in AT&T’s pavilion.  The Voder is one of the first known attempts to synthesize human voices without using a human voice as input.  The Voder was revolutionary in concept as it provided a basis for voice synthesis technologies that would later be used in technologies like voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.  In order to synthesize a word, the Voder required an… Read More »The Voder

                                The Road of Tomorrow Tucker Hughes The New York World’s Fair was a beautiful display of “The World of Tomorrow”, the Ford Pavilion at the Fair wanted to focus on “The Road of Tomorrow”. The titan motor company showcased the new body styles and technologies their cars had to offer, and they also presented a material to build roads consisting of a cork and rubber hybrid. This was designed to be softer for cars and pedestrians and it actually made cars more fuel efficient. The new car and road technologies displayed by the Ford Motor Company truly represented the overall… Read More »

                                Trylon and Perisphere in World’s Fair 1939

                                  Image of the Base of the Theme Center at night, Hugh Ferriss (1889 – 1962), Charcoal drawing on board The Trylon and Perisphere are the well known symbols for the World’s Fair. They have been turned into many different kinds of souvenirs including salt and pepper shakers. During this fair, they were turned into the Theme Center. The Perisphere was 180 feet (55 m) in diameter and the Trylon was 610 feet (190 m). These symbols from the 1939 fair interest me because people were able to go inside of them to see a special exhibit. Inside, there was a… Read More »Trylon and Perisphere in World’s Fair 1939

                                  “The World of Tomorrow”

                                    This blog will be about the New York World’s Fair 1938, specifically about the World War II, the war that happened between the time frame that the war happening. I picked this topic because it’s related to the fair time frame. The 1939–40 New York World’s Fair was a world’s fair held at Flushing Meadows–Corona Park in Queens, New York, United States. It was the second-most expensive American world’s fair of all time, exceeded only by St. Louis’s Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904. Many countries around the world participated in it, and over 44 million people attended its exhibits in two seasons. It was the first exposition to be based… Read More »“The World of Tomorrow”

                                    Mickey and the 1939 New York World’s Fair

                                      The first thing that comes to mind when exploring information about the New York World’s Fair of 1938 and 1939 is the foundational presence of Disney. The fair was a perfect example of displaying an ideal world and fantastic technology. I’d like to connect the significance of the 1939 World’s Fair in New York to the 2010 hit video game: Epic Mickey. Before I explain the significance of the Epic Mickey game, it’s important to understand Disney’s significance at the New York World’s fair in 1939. Mickey Mouse was featured at the fair in 1939, and his debut consisted of… Read More »Mickey and the 1939 New York World’s Fair